iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate Highlights Massive Design Flaw

As the iPhone 6 Plus racks up millions of sales, Apple’s new handset is hit with controversy as the phones begin to bend under normal usage.

iPhone 6 Bendgate

There are lots of things that made the Apple iPhone 6 Plus a huge talking point just a few weeks ago. For one, it was the iPhone moniker that got everyone whipped up into a frenzy, while Apple also explained that the device has a better battery life than its predecessor and is also the most powerful iPhone ever. But on top of this many were also hooting and hollering about the device’s size as at 5.5 inches the iPhone 6 Plus is a certified phablet (phone/tablet hybrid). And while this size has its advantages for watching TV shows and playing games, it also has its downsides and with iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate, a massive design flaw could spoil everyone’s fun.

iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate, to give it its headline-friendly nickname, is the controversy about the iPhone 6 Plus’ bending. Coming to light after some users reported that their handsets beginning to look warped or bent after normal usage, many were concerned that their phones would lose their shape. Investigating, Lewis Hilsenteger of YouTube channel UnboxTherapy made the above video to prove that despite Apple saying that just nine people had reported that their iPhone 6 Plus’ had been bending, the flaw clearly isn’t a fluke.

In his video, he chalked down the iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate problems to the phone’s aluminium body. The phone is huge and aluminium is a famously malleable material so did that mean that the iPhone 6, the HTC One (M8) and other aluminium based phones are susceptible to bends too? It didn’t, actually, as Hilsenteger’s above video proved. All of the phones ‘bend tested’ in his footage proved to be fine – there were some creaks but nothing as major as the iPhone 6 Plus’ issues.

This is terrible news for Apple, not least because they now have thousands of customers wanting answers as to why they sacrificed the device’s bulk for a slimmer device that actually loses its shape, but because Bendgate is seeing them lose money. Combined with iOS 8 problems, Apple’s stock dropped drastically last week showing that this is a controversy they’d like to avoid in the future. That could mean that future iPhones become a little thicker but as those horrendous bends could potentially damage the innards of the phone too, this is a small thing to concede.

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