Keep Your Dog on Target with the Retractable Gun Leash

At first glance, dog lovers might get a heart attack with this one. But don’t call the Animal Welfare Society yet! This retractable gun leash is just a witty design that is sure to leave you laughing. Retractable Dog Snap Leash 2

From designer Art Lebedev comes Povodokus, a pistol-shaped handle with a retractable dog leash. The funky device resembles a 9 mm pistol or .45 caliber gun, said to give a sure grip while keeping your dog on target.

Retractable Dog Snap Leash 1

Retractable Dog Snap Leash 3
When attached to your dog’s collar, the lead pulls out of the gun’s muzzle. When you feel that your pet is wandering a little too far from you, simply pull on the trigger and the leash retracts back into the pistol. Imagine yourself telling your dog, “Stop!” as you point the gun at him and pull the trigger. Lebedev claims that Povodokus is a “sure shot.” You won’t have to worry about losing track of your dog.

Perhaps, other than for dogs, a possible application of this can be in the field of law enforcement. The first trigger pull launches the leash to wrap around a perpetrator’s neck. The second trigger pull retracts the leash allowing the police officer to make his arrest. Talk about bringing (or retracting) a criminal to justice.

Povodokus was released by Lebedev’s team in April 1, and according to those who have seen the design, it sure was one April Fool’s Day trick that gave dog owners a scare. If this product will find its way to stores nationwide, it will definitely make a great and funny gift for dog walkers.

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