Hacker’s Keyboard App is Also Useful to the Average Human

One of the greatest features of the Android software is it’s open-ended software, allowing users to implement their own favorite programs and features to their phone. This awesome app will allow users to change the way their keyboard looks and functions. It goes without saying that there are some things that the default keyboard could improve upon for Android devices. While it isn’t totally worthless, some apps really put in some great features to the keyboard, and some such as this one allow users to use special functions otherwise unavailable! As you can see from the above image, the Hacker’s Keyboard adds quite a few more keys, giving the keyboard a full 5-row, normal QWERTY keyboard layout. this feature is available for both screen orientations, but really excels in landscape orientation. This app is exceptionally useful for tablet users, giving so many key options in the alternate view as well (seen below). With all of these keys, the Hacker’s Keyboard really provides for everything that one would need on a keyboard. Luckily, the keyboard comes with a lot of customization options as well. Anything you need to configure can be changes, as well as the option to only show the full keyboard in landscape mode. While this app really is great for all users, opening up a bunch of functions, it truly was designed for “hackers,” as it has buttons that most wouldn’t use in their daily lives, namely the Function keys. If you have an Android tablet,  I would certainly suggest getting this great keyboard replacement. Even if you do not own a tablet, this app is a great piece for any Android device. Click here to check out the Hacker’s Keyboard on the Android Market, or scan the QR code below to be taken directly to it! Check out Droid X to (Finally) Get Gingerbread? and Verizon Motorola Droid 3 Details for more awesome Android news! Via: Addictive Tips