Red Satan Steampunk Mask

Bob Basset is a well known name when referring to steampunk masks. Over the years we have time and again come across some fascinating designs of masks created by this Ukraine workshop. The latest to appear on the scene is the ‘Red Satan’ steampunk mask.

Red Satan is truly satanic in appearance. And that was probably what it was meant to be. There are a good number of us who find such art forms exciting and appealing. The mere evil sort of look without showing any mercy is often liked by many of the current generation. The Red Satan is sure to satisfy this ‘young generation’ with its looks and color.

Rightfully justifying its name Red Satan is partially red in color with parts of it being black. This is the creator’s version of Satan and one could not have imagined better. The mask is, in fact, of a skull shape rather than a face with flesh on it. This fact in itself gives it a very sinister appearance. The two large eye sockets contain no eyes. One has a small protruding barrel while other appears to be hollow. The ears are rather large in size and bear an unusual cut. The nostrils are red and so are the teeth. The large sized jaws make up for almost half the face.

Apart from the basic features found on a typical skull there is much more added here. There is a red colored pipe sort of thing near the neck area and it almost looks like an exposed throat. There are three similar pipes located at the back of the skull. The two side ones run from top to bottom of the skull while the middle one extends further down. These three pipes are again the same satanic red in color. Enhancements do not stop here. With so much work being put into a face there should be a befitting head gear as well. On the head are located two large horns. One good thing about these horns is that they are detachable. So if you wish to go sans horns you have all the liberty to do without them.

This steampunk Red Satan is a masterpiece in itself. It goes down as yet another successful creation by the Bob Basset workshop. Like all his other projects this one again created by Petrov and his team goes down as a highly imaginative and carefully carved artpiece.

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Via: Bob Basset