Halo helmet for motorcycles: almost cosplay?

Don’t be surprised if starting now you start seeing Master Chief riding around on cities and freeways around the world: it’s just an incredible helmet, not John-117.


With video games becoming more and more a part of popular culture it’s not weird to start seeing references to our favorite games in our daily lives, including commutes, In the case of motorcyclists. Turns out NECA has created a special helmet for them, one with all the special safety measures required for a safe trip, but one that is also a perfect replica of the one Master Chief wears in the beloved Halo series.


The main thing about these helmets is that they combine safety with geekiness, with all pertinent measures in place to ensure the users get to their destination safely. The helmet’s exterior has a layer of UV protection as well as some ventilation holes and straps to secure it into place. The inside part is meant to be comfortable, and can be disassembled to be easily cleaned.

This helmet is a special edition and only some 42,100 units will be produced in four different sizes. If you want one yourself, they are coming out in July 2015 and only NECA will be selling them. Good luck and good hunting!

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