Strum the Blues Away with Han Solo Carbonite Guitar

When Han Solo’s character was played by Harrison Ford a long time ago, no one imagined that Star Wars would end up becoming the epic it’s become today.

Solo is usually described as a loner who knows the importance of being in a group and helping everyone. However, he chooses to keep to himself. That must remind you of eccentric musicians who keep to themselves, doesn’t it? Well, in that case, here is a guitar that is inspired by Han Solo and is made from Carbonite.

The Han Solo Carbonite Guitar has been created by Travis Stevens who is a self-confessed nerd. He also teaches music and plays guitar when he finds time to do so. This guitar is one of its kinds and thus you may not be able to purchase it. However, you could go ahead and request Travis Stevens to make a custom guitar for you and I am sure that is going to be very expensive.

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