Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Is Now A USB Hub

We love custom pieces of anything, and if the chosen theme is Star Wars, is always a big hit for us. The most recent piece we’ve spotted is a carbonite-frozen Han Solo USB Hub.

The mastermind behind this piece is Pariah Burke, who took a regular USB hub and gave it a healthy dose of geekery. Yet, instead of going for one of the ships, or our pal R2-D2, the chosen motif was the most charming mercenary in the galaxy, mister Han Solo, frozen in carbonite.

If our readers happen to like what they see, they should know the hub can be bought for $45 at Pariah’s Etsy store, which has a bunch of other cool Star Wars goodies. Just keep in mind, this is custom made, so we can’t guarantee its availability.

Via: Bit Rebels

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