LEGO Lord of the Rings – The Orcs Side of the Story

LEGO videos making fun of certain aspects of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy isn’t something new, but this new one by  is probably the best of them, taking a look at how it all feels and looks like for the Orcs, who are usually nothing more than an afterthought as they’re being slain.

Yes, just like the Austin Power movies showed us what happens when an evil henchman gets killed, than these Orcs, according to the video, have families and friends who mourn them back at Mordor down deep in some caves of Misty Mountains or forgotten mines.

Sometimes, it does seem like Aragorn or Legolas are too quick to slash, hack, hurt, fire upon and in general kick the living shit out of the hordes storming at them. Maybe they’re just big fans of the best warriors in middle earth?

P.S. By Orcs, just so you don’t get confused, we mean all the foot soldiers under Sauron and Saruman – including Uruk-hai, Uruks, Goblins, Snaga, and so on.