Pokémon Characters Worthy of Starring in Tim Burton Movies

The following Tim Burton Pokemon re-designs stand as proof that creativity has not limits and that it can cross genres with great ease.

It is safe to say that Tim Burton has by now a recognizable style, at least as far as his animation movies are concerned. Therefore, following a few guidelines, someone could easily redesign characters from a completely different world into characters worthy of being cast in a Tim Burton flick.

Vaughn Pinpin, the creator of these artworks, is an artist, illustrator and designer who studies at The UP College of Fine Arts. While I have mentioned that with a bit of imagination anything could be turned into Tim Burton characters, I do not deny the creativity of this artist, nor do I imply that he hasn’t put a lot of effort into this. In fact, Vaughn Pinpin exceeded himself, as he redesigned 22 Pokemon characters in the Tim Burton vein. Judging by their looks, these characters could easily tag along the corpse bride, Frankenweenie or Vincent. Since there are so many, I will present to you all of the redesigns, but only three of them, so you can get an idea about how talented this artist really is. If you want to see the rest of them, feel free to check out the designer’s website.

Butterfree may not be one of the most famous Pokemon characters out there, but this does not mean that Pinpin’s redesign isn’t totally awesome. This dual-type bug/fly Pokemon had everything redesigned (its wings, eyes, antennas), so that it matches the whole atmosphere of Tim Burton’s movies.

Weedle is yet another dual-type Pokemon, but this one fits in the bug/poison category. The original version looks terribly cute, but the “poison” word makes me think that it might be a wee bit dangerous. Pinpin’s redesign looks even more morbid, and dare I say, more dangerous. In fact, “morbid” and “frightening” might be the best words to describe Tim Burton’s and Pinpin’s characters.

Beedrill’s redesign seems to be brought straight from the depths of hell. While the previous characters could be successfully voiced-over by Johnny Depp, seeing that this actor is cast in most of Tim Burton’s flicks, Helena Bonham-Carter could easily breathe life into this more feminine evil bee.

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