Hashkey: the 1-key keyboard for hashtags

It’s unbelievable how popular the hashtag got since the advent of Twitter, considering it’s not so easily accessible on our keyboards. Hashkey aims to change that.


As evidenced by its wide usage, most of us would imagine social media is easy, no matter who you are… then, thanksgiving or any other holiday comes around, you talk with Nana, and realize how different and non-representative your bubble is from the rest of the world. Turns out a lot of people can’t even figure out where the hashtag key is, because there’s none, and you have to use shift to do it. The Hashkey team key wants to go around this by providing the first one-key keyboard ever, dedicated solely to the hashtag.

Hashkey is a one-key USB keyboard that focuses solely on the hashtag, and does nothing else: it’s not a product for the geek that already knows everything about social media, but for the uninitiated who needs an extra hand making it easier. It’s currently in crowd-funding stage at Kickstarter, where a pledge of £17 (around $27 USD) can land you the basic standard HashKey, in plastic. There’s this incredible version in aluminum, though, that might be totally worth it, so be sure to check it out.

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