Oh Snap! Downloadable Hasselblad Pinhole Camera

Indulging your inner photographer doesn’t have to be expensive. Grab a box, make a hole on its side, voilà.You already know the basics of how to build a pinhole camera. Take a step further and your project can become a work of art as well as a fully functional object. This is exactly what set and prop designer Kelly Anwood has achieved with her pinhole model of a Hasselblad.

Classic Hasselblad cameras won iconic status when they were used to document the landing of man on the Moon. They are known for their superb quality, reliability and elegant look. Kelly’s handmade replica has all the markings that render it instantly recognizable. It’s elegant, streamlined and most importantly, it works.

Assembled from parts printed on corrugated cardboard, it uses 120 film and produces images with a distinct vintage feeling to them. Kelly explains that the idea behind the making of it was to, “exorcize and reconcile the problematic nature of desire and ownership.” In other words, create your own Hasselblad and you might just be as happy a camper as if you had the real thing.

Good news is Kelly has simplified that process for you. She recently made a downloadable version of the camera, freely available in the form of a pdf booklet.

The booklet is A4 sized and 8 pages long. It contains the necessary printable cut-outs and a series of instructions. You will also have to use some easy-to-find items such as glue, paper clips, black electrical tape and a bottle opener. Throw a little patience into the mix and soon enough you’ll be proud parent of a pinhole delight.

The main perk of this version is that, unlike the one Kelly put together herself, it accepts 35 mm film. This can be purchased in practically any photo store. You’ll be able to snap between 12 and 14 images per roll.

Of course, there are disadvantages. It’s not as sturdy as regular cameras and you might have to fiddle with it to accomplish the results you desire. The satisfaction of getting your hands dirty, however, makes up for it tenfold. Go ahead, give it your best shot.

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Via: Retro Thing and Kelly Anwood