Kitchen Sink Guitar Mod

Guitar players might refer their favorite instruments as “having everything but the kitchen sink,” but what if your guitar actually is a kitchen sink?

A YouTuber named peteqwerty51 has come up with a brilliant guitar mod that he’s fashioned out of found materials. Of course, he’s used a metal kitchen sink with a Dobro resonator stuck in it. (The Dobro is what makes that distinctive sound you hear in bluegrass music.)

Sink Guitar

He’s also used some old maple floorboards to reinforce the Michael Messer Lightning guitar neck. He says he made a mistake, however, in cutting out a notch in the sink for the head to go in. That forced him to put in an “ugly” metal plate to support the weight of the guitar neck.

Pete has tuned it to a G6 chord, or D-B-G-E-D-B for anyone who wants to try to replicate this tuning. This tuning doesn’t have a root, which is fine for him since he’s playing this cleverly designed guitar for melody rather than rhythm. If you were just listening to an audio recording, you wouldn’t know that the guitar was made out of an old metal sink.

For his next project, he plans to just use a sink for the guitar, without all of the extra wood and metal, and cut some sound holes in it.

This is a very cool design. This guy has taken things that might have been thrown out and made something that makes beautiful music out of it. In our throw-away culture, this might be a skill that will make our planet a little cleaner and our world sound a little better.

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