Sharpie Printer Creation

We’ve all been there. You’re printing an important project that needs to be done yesterday, and you find your ink cartridge is out.

Even worse, these cartridges are rather expensive. (That’s how the printer companies make their money. They usually sell the printers themselves at a loss.)

Some clever people, however, have arrived at a partial solution. They’ve built a homemade printer called the PhlatPrinter that uses Sharpies instead of ink cartridges or toner.


In a very cool video, their homemade printer creates a large Queen of Hearts playing card. A Sharpie pen is place on a mechanical arm while it’s moved around a piece of paper. The device only holds one color at a time, so the process seems a little tedious, but the end product is absolutely beautiful.

Queen of Hearts

You probably wouldn’t use this to print your research paper, but it’s still an impressive DIY project that’s a testament to the inventiveness of the hacker spirit.

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Via: Hacked Gadgets