Heliospectra’s LED Lights to Grow Veggies on Mars

There is always the talk about colonizing Mars or living on the moon, if such a situation ever arose.


While all that sounds incredibly fascinating, getting a bunch of spinach to eat on planet Mars could be as impossible as trying to get your cat to listen to you. Heliospectra’s new LED lighting system might just be the weapon of choice when it comes to growing vegetables in hostile environments like planet Mars. Heliospectra’s new LED lighting system could be used in special greenhouses on Mars where humans can consume vegetables and fruits that are locally grown. The idea is to use lighting within greenhouse facilities to grow vegetables.

The company’s L4A Series 10 LED light system will help researchers to grab information and make amazing new discoveries about growing plants. Plant science in places like Antarctica can be a great way to understand how they grow on a different planet. With that in mind, researchers will test growing vegetables at the greenhouse module at the Neumayer Station III in Antarctica. A winter team will live in Antarctica for a long 9 months until the interaction between plants and humans there can be observed and studied. It is a great way to ensure that when we finally land up on Mars, there is always something to make a salad from.



It may sound weird, but I have a feeling if we continue to ravage Earth the way we are doing now, it will not be very long before we will all have to fly to Mars and eat greenhouse vegetables or perish amidst noxious gases and fumes. If you are not the kid of person who imagines weird possibilities that arise from living on Mars, you could also take a look at the iPhone-Controlled LED Chandelier, which is a great way to decorate your living room. The LED Table creates a ‘Life of Circle’, so to speak.