Hello Kitty Morphs Into Watchmen Characters

More than two decades ago, DC Comics published the Watchmen comic book series. The world got to see six different characters and each one had a different way of perceiving the world.

In January 2011, another set of Watchmen characters have been presented but in a new avatar. This time around these are five in number. Ozymandias is missing for some reason. However, the remaining five – the Comedian, Dr Manhattan, Nite Owl, Rorschach and Silk Spectre are there to take you back to the mid-1980s when they had first appeared. They have resurfaced with the same characteristic getup though with a twist. You would find your cute little Hello Kitty hidden in each of them. These are not painted figures, but illustrations.

Joseph Senior, an art director from New Zealand, has blended charming Kitty with Watchmen characters. The fact, that all the leading Watchmen characters primarily have some superhero property, makes the blend a little too strange. But at the same time it is the strange aspect in rare things that gets noticed as opposed to the regular ones. And it is this ‘extraordinary’ mix that makes these ‘Watchmen’ adorable characters.

No doubt Kitty is a character that is acclaimed by all. One thing is for sure, none of us can help not smiling at a Kitty irrespective of its form. Same is the case here. Though you can spot the Comedian’s signature black eye-mask, Rorschach’s shifting ink blot mask or the blue skin of Dr Manhattan your lips do go up in a smile. Joseph has chosen one of the best figures to represent some of his favorite characters. In his words, he ‘plans to paint 101 kitties’ and he has ‘already started compiling them into a coffee table book.’ His plans are to get his Kitty collection published and make it available to the Kitty loving crowd. As of now this set of Kitty Watchmen that he has released are illustrations and not painted figures.

This is not the first time that the Watchmen characters have been represented in a different avatar. We have also seen them as Watch Peanuts, where there was a team of all six of them. Those were also quite adorable!

As each Watchman had his/her own viewpoint similarly every individual has a different way of looking at them. When they first appeared they were accepted with open arms. Due to their immense popularity, different versions of them were presented. Merged with Kitty, this is yet another version and a pretty lovable one.

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