The Red-Headed Man: When Legos Meet Conan

It’s hard to remember a time without legos. We’ve been creating everything our imaginations could cook up using the colorful building blocks first introduced in 1949. With television being what it is today, it’s also hard to remember a time without comedian Conan O’Brien. The two may seem like complete opposites but when combined, something truly magical is born.

Nathan Sawaya creates sculptures using Legos. In fact, he’s nearly famous for doing so. Nathan has created everything from Lego dolphins to Lego Blackberries. He’s even appeared on television (The Colbert Report).

Conan Lego Front

One of Nathan’s recent sculptures has caught our eye though. While Nathan isn’t willing to flat out announce who was the inspiration for what he is calling “Red-Headed Man”, we’re sure you, like us, aren’t having a hard time guessing. That’s right. It’s everyone’s favorite former Late Night host turned brief Tonight Show host Conan O’Brien.

Conan Lego Side

According to Nathan, he was commissioned to do the sculpture. “I was commissioned to create this sculpture, but I can’t tell you why. Or who it is.” Of course the picture showing the figure standing on a pedestal labeled “Conan” isn’t exactly leaving much to the imagination.

Conan Lego Nathan

The “Red-Headed Man” stands at an impressive 77″ X 28″ X 14″. Life size sculptures are no new task for Nathan though. He’s done many others including Stephen Colbert, a young baseball player and even a life size sculpture of himself.

Conan Lego Left

Conan O’Brien getting the Nathan Sawaya treatment is no surprise. His new show “Conan”, which debuted on November 8th of 2010, has gained much notice for both its great content and surrounding controversy. After being promoted to host of the Tonight Show, which was previously hosted by Jay Leno, Conan was asked shortly after to push the time of the show back an hour (to the time of his previous show “Late Night”). Refusing to do so, Conan then left NBC altogether. Now Conan O’Brien can be seen on TBS on Monday-Thursday hosting “Conan.”

Conan Lego Mid

The potential of Legos is truly limitless. We’ve seen everything from festive Star Wars holiday ornaments to Tron character replicas. There’s definitely something out there for everyone.