Heroic Avengers Movie Posters

The Avengers are one of the ultimate superhero team-ups, and with the movie slated to finally be released next year it’s time we saw some more fan art. This poster by Matt Ferguson features five of the Avengers, but they’ve also been split up into their own individual posters as well if you want to enjoy a slick image of your favorite hero.

Avengers Assemble Poster

The first image is of Thor, the Asgardian hero holding his mighty hammer aloft. The art itself is fairly simple with sharp lines, its overall un-realness giving it a bit more of a comic book vibe. Naturally, a lightning bolt is also a central focus, coming down to strike the magical hammer. The Incredible Hulk’s poster is about as simple as the Hulk himself: Hulk smash. The poster gets right to the point, with a huge green fist pounding the ground and making cracks run through the sundered terrain.

Thor Avengers Poster

Hulk Avengers Poster

Hawkeye is the third Avenger poster, the master archer nocking an arrow and preparing to send it into flight. Hawkeye is also the only Avenger pictured who does not have his own film currently in the making, but hopefully he’ll still be featured in the film. Captain America, however, has a film coming out next month, and his trademark shield is the main feature of his personal poster. With his hand pictured below, and the action lines, it’s most likely that some Nazi soldier is about to get the famous shield chucked at his chest. Last, but certainly not least, is Iron Man, the Avenger who’s had the most box office success so far. With two wildly-popular films already in the bag, we’ll most likely see Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man leading the team. His poster consists of his gloved hand thrust in the air, energy sparking from it as he prepares a repulsor ray blast.

Hawkeye Avengers Poster

Captain America Avengers Poster

Iron Man Avengers Poster

The Avengers movie is slated for 2012 and it will be interesting to see just how the film manages to balance the wide array of heroes and supporting cast. Until then, enjoy some more Marvel fan art such as these Marvel Heroes Crossed with Dinosaurs and some amazing Marvel Papercraft Heroes.