Steampunk Robocop Juxtaposes the Vintage with the Futuristic

RoboCop had to be one of the most important milestones in the history of modern science-fiction films and games.

RoboCop video game and the movie were released way back in the late 80s, and subsequently, a couple of sequels were added to the games in the early nineties. Before I dwell on the characteristics of the RoboCop, here is a Steampunk RoboCop which is almost a work of art. The Steampunk RoboCop was created by Kreatworks, based in Bangkok.

The artist used recycled metal, useless auto parts and machine to create the body, and went ahead to coat the sculpture with lacquer so that the Steampunk RoboCop stays shiny yet vintage for many years to come. RoboCop revolves around Detroit Police Officer Alex James Murphy who was brutally murdered and recreated as a cyborg. The funny thing is, he was recreated as a cyborg not for scientific purposes, but by a major corporation.

Thus, the video game and the movie explore themes of corporate politics, privatization and also fears of a new world order if cyborgs could really be created. His excessive strength and the cold nature in which RoboCop fights symbolize the obsession with exaggerated masculinity. Exaggerated masculinity has been observed in all cultures and periods of history, and RoboCop surely emphasises the popular notion of strength, masculinity, and human nature to a large extent.

Steampunk movement too aims to do just that, to reveal in an artful and vintage manner what human nature really is. Steampunk artists use Victorian and Industrial Age themes to convey a sense of lost beauty and morals. The creation of the Steampunk Cyborg is just apt, if you asked me and is almost juxtaposing humans’ obsession for futuristic stuff, and nostalgia for what is lost in the reams of history. The Steampunk RoboCop costs $6,400 and shipping would be extra.

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