14 Crazy Steampunk Car Mods

Cars have long been considered one of the most important manifestations of our geekiness to the outside world. There seem to be endless car mods, but we have to admit that the coolest of all must have something to do with steampunk – an art form that combines both the antique of the Victorian era and the imagination of science fiction. Below are 14 awesome steampunk car mods that any moto geek would die to have.

Cummins Steampunk Rod


Via: Swanee 3

Spotted at 2009 Viva Las Vegas Car Show, this wonderful steampunk rat rod made quite an impression on the audience.

King of the Road


Via: Pairadocs

Dubbed as King of the Road, this amazing steampunk car deserves its name to every centimeter. The huge wheels, the dusty brown, the authentic steampunk design, the King of the Road has everything to make any driver go crazy.

Amazing Steampunk Car


Via: Whtthefsck

One of the finest steampunk car mods you will ever see, this amazing steampunk car comes with various gadgets and accessories that any science fiction fan can easily identify. Steampunk at its best!

NYC Steampunk Car


Via: Good Experience

Imagine that you are walking down the broad avenues of glamorous and modern New York City and you suddenly spot this: an ultra cool steampunk rat rod that brings you right back to 1940s.

Seattle Steampunk Car


Via: Maralinga

This steampunk car was spotted parking at Greenlake, Seattle. With the pipes and the horn from early 20th century, things can’t get any more steampunk.

Steam Trunk Industries Rat Rod


Via: Steampunk Worship

Folks at Stream Trunk Industries have done a brilliant job when they took one of the best rat rods and blended in some Steampunk elements to build this wonderful steampunk rat rod.

Steampunk Beetle


Via: Automopedia

A 1972 VW Beetle was modded into a super cool steampunk car by a steampunk freak and an engineering genius. Registered in Ohio as a 1985 assembled vehicle, the car managed to get itself the Mass plates STMPNK which is apparently short for “Steampunk.”

Steampunk Mercedes


Via: Steampunk Workshop

Jake von Slatt spotted a 1929 Mercedes Gazelle SSK replica on eBay and bought it for $1500. He then did some magical changes with a lot brass to give it an amazing steampunk look.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Steampunk Car


Via: Fotki

Fans of “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” will have no problem recognizing this steampunk car. It is a ideal combination of aesthetics and geekiness.

Art Deco Steampunk Car


Via: Source

Some might argue that this car of more of Art Deco than Steampunk, the wooden panels and antique design is enough to satisfy hardcore steampunk fans.

Tawdry Steampunk Car


Via: Photomato

Despite tawdry details that we don’t normally see at a steampunk creation, this steampunk car, spotted at Maker Faire 2009, managed to keep basic characteristics and the Victorian look of a steampunk car.

Steampunk Camaro


Via: Zedomax

This retro-futuristic Chevy Camaro, aka the Steampunk Kamaro, is something that will make you rub your eyes to see if it’s real or not. And yeah, it isn’t real. It’s only a graphic rendering by artist John ‘Jazz’ Vernon.

Steampunk Automobile 1888


Via: Mesh Box BB

Powered by both a conventional engine, plus twin side engines built on an advance on the steam engine, this beautiful Steampunk Automobile 1888 features a powerful machine under a hood of dark wood, copper and brass. It’s a model designed y by a software called Clockwork Steampunk Automobile Pro.

Steampunk Golden Car


Via: Alfo Art

This is another steampunk car design that will make you scream out loud: Why all cool things are not real? Folks behind Alfoart website did an amazing job when they took a photo of a normal daily car and turned it into an amazing steampunk car.