9 Hidden Messages in Corporate Logos

Subliminal messages in advertising does exist, but hidden messages in company logos aren’t only there to make people buy their products. Sometimes it’s simply to put emphasis on a value or the actual meaning behind the name.


Amazon dot com

Just a reminder that Amazon cover all the bases, from A to Z.


Baskin Robbin

If you wanted a reminder that they have 31 flavors, it’s right there in bright pink.

Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee

A Caribou that’s leaping right. Why? Because it signifies the direction the company is heading.


Merck Logo

A pharmaceutical company for those who don’t know, using a capsule and two pills for their logo.

The Old Milwaukee Brewers Logo

Brewers Logo

A ball inside a glove! There’s actually a Facebook group dedicated to the subject.

Pittsburgh Zoo

Pittsburgh Zoo

A tree, but also a Gorilla having a staring contest with a Lioness.


Toblerone Logo

People are usually quite shocked when they find out it’s a bear hiding in that mountain.

Tour de France

Tour de France Logo

The R, if you needed any help realizing what sport this is, happens to be a cyclist as well.


Tostitos Logo

The logo has changed a bit since this version. Still, it’s hard to miss the two T’s actually being a couple of people sharing a salsa dip.

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Hat tip: Mentalfloss