Tiny Galaga Arcade Cabinet Created From Nintendo DS

Redittor button-masher mods up a Galaga cabinet small in stature, but not in awesomeness.

Tiny Arcade Cabinet Nintendo DS by button-masher

Don’t let your eyes – or perhaps your taste buds for delicious ale – fool you, this bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale isn’t as large as that Galaga arcade cabinet standing right next to it. That would make for a better story, sure, but that’s sadly not the case here. No, rather it’s the other way around. Redditor button-masher magnificently assembled this small-scaled Galaga machine that’s fully functional and with working teeny-tiny controls.

Instead of taking the easy, mad-scienctist route of using a shrink ray, which I believe hasn’t been invented yet and are only in the cartoons I watch, button-masher used a Nintendo DS as his internal foundation for his modded creation. You can certainly see the DS’s LCD as the main display for the mini Galaga cabinet, although also inside is the circuitry of the Nintendo portable – hosting the emulation software and tied directly to the joystick and buttons.

Oh, and yes, the controls do work for Galaga, or just about any other Nintendo DS game that can be programmed into the cabinet (minus games that use more than two buttons.) I mean, you’ll probably need the dexterity of a hamster to crank out high scores, but they do work. Seems kind of useless addition, I know, but that’s just one of the small touches – that cute Galaga marquee and light-up coin slots included – which really make this small replica shine.

Imagine a Pac-Man or a Street Fighter II cabinet with such great detail; I would fall so much in love. So what I’m trying to say in a passive-aggressive way is, please, oh please make more of these tiny arcade cabinets button-masher. And while we wait, cause I’m sure they don’t just bake in an oven in under 15 minutes, be sure to keep it here on Walyou for creepy vintage Halloween advertisements and leaked images of Andriod 4.4 and the Nexus 5.