Amazon to Launch Android Powered Games Console This Year?

New reports are speculating that online retailer Amazon are preparing to release an Android powered video games console by the end of this year.

Jeff Bezos Kindle image

This year is a big one for gamers. With the release of the Sony PS4 and the Microsoft Xbox One during the holiday season, high powered, high tech, next generation gaming is upon us, meaning that gamers have to prepare to fork up the cash for the premium in gaming technology. Too, 2013 has also seen the release of the (Android powered) OUYA and the GameStick as well as the Nvidia Shield, for those who want a low budget alternative to the market leaders, but a good gaming experience nonetheless. The market for both low and high end consoles is very much there and it’s also very lucrative, it makes sense then, that popular online retailer Amazon, are reportedly gearing up to release their own, Android powered video games console.

The news comes after some in-the-know sources revealed to Game Informer that Amazon’s rumoured game box is very much in development. According to the sources, the yet unannounced console will come complete with its very own controller and will utilise Amazon’s already established library of Android apps and games which are currently used to entertain users of Amazon’s (also Android powered – and pictured above with Amazon main man Jeff Bezos) Kindle Fire tablets.

Not only do Amazon already have plenty of experience with Android powered devices, the retailer also has its very own dedicated games division, called the ‘Amazon Game Studios’ who have so far released a game for Facebook.The source stated that this console, which has yet to be given even a rumoured name, is in development for release “by the end of this year, most likely by Black Friday”.

A holiday season release would see Amazon’s yet unannounced video game console face strong competition from the aforementioned PS4 and Xbox One, but it might be able to hold its own should it retail for a reasonable price. Either way, Amazon certainly have the marketing chops and the know how to pull it off, so while the official statement from the company on the matter is that “it doesn’t comment on rumors and speculation.” we can likely expect more details to be revealed soon.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source : Polygon, Game Informer

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