HoloLens: Microsoft brings augmented reality to the masses

Windows 10 won’t just be confined to your computer and cellphone, but will be all around us thanks to augmented reality and new hardware.

HoloLens 1

Just as if we were living in the world of Minority Report, augmented reality is now ready to become, well, a reality itself. Thanks to its holographic technology, Microsoft can now create augmented reality version of their Windows 10 OS to combine real and virtual interface elements for users wearing the HoloLens, their latest wearable headset device. By using it, a new range of possibilities and uses open up, such as engineers seeing instructions overlaid on the actual projects they’re working on, or the layout of a location or project to organize tasks in a team.

This technology has universal support under Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest OS, so users can build once and use everywhere. The Redmond company says holographic technology will work with all kinds of headsets already out there, such as the Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR, but it’s their new in-house headset that took our attention: the Microsoft HoloLens is their idea of a headset, and will be available “within the Windows 10 timeframe.”

HoloLens 2

HoloLens can pair up with all kind of devices running Windows 10, and has its own custom CPU and Holographic Processing Unit (HPU) as to not tax the system it’s interacting with. HoloLens doesn’t require mobile phones or computers, and can be used completely independent of any other gadgets.

Because the life or death of these gadgets depends mostly on what you can do with it, Microsoft is also releasing HoloStudio, which is a 3D modelling tool users can employ to create their own holograms that others can interact with, or even 3D print them for physical use. Now it really feels the future is among us.

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