Microsoft introduces the Surface Hub

Microsoft talked long and lengthy about Windows 10 today, but still managed to show new hardware along with it: enter the Surface Hub.

Microsoft Surface Hub

Microsoft showed Windows 10 to the world today, but along with came a hardware piece that will be making the rounds. Meet the Surface Hub, a completely new type of product that is equal parts tablet, TV, mobile and computer. The Surface Hub is sort of an all-in-one computer / TV with sensors, WiFi, microphones, cameras and the rest of the smartphone and tablet essentials, but measures 84 inches and is capable of 4K resolution: it’s a true monster.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2

The really funny thing about the Surface Hub was that it was in front of the audience eyes the entire time, and was used throughout Microsoft’s presentation – no one batted an eye up until the point of the keynote today where the speakers introduced it. Of course, it’s going to be running Windows 10, and act as a collaborative hub in office environments – we don’t think this is viable for homes as most people don’t even have 84 inches of free wall to put up something like this up.

The Surface Hub will take advantage of its monster resolution to run many apps or display documents at once, and obsiously, has Skype for business built in. We hope it has a Netflix app, though, that would be useful for lunch time.

Microsoft haven’t announced the release date just yet, but we will update you as more information becomes available.

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