Hot Flamethrower Gloves

Sometimes dreams really do come true, and this dream comes in the form of flamethrower gloves.

Flame Thrower Gloves

Designed by the technical special effects geniuses over at J&M workshops, these gloves would be great for any occasion. Need to start a fire? Flame thrower glove to the rescue. How about barbecuing some hotdogs? Flame thrower gloves. What about saving a cat stuck in a tree? You get the idea.

The rig is still a prototype but works pretty well. Flames shoot out from the palm of your hand and are controlled by what we hope is an experienced pyrotechnician. The setup features tubes that carry both propane and air in the proper mixture as well as a ignition device. The video below shows that the location of the flames can be controlled (left or right) and can be alternately turned on or off or pulsed between the two. The flames shoot up pretty high, but we’re hoping the finished product will control the size and intensity of the flame. Judging from the image, these tubes and cables are all connected to a hopefully fire-proof vest for the wearer’s safety. The J&M workers stated that the final version would be more streamlined in order to fit underneath costumes of actors. I hope that the actors are wearing some serious fire proof costumes, just in case something goes wrong.

We’re guessing that the flame thrower gloves aren’t going to be made available to normal individuals, simply because it is far too dangerous and who knows what sorts of accidents would happen. If you have years of special effects experience and knowledge of how propane works, you might be able to jury rig this contraption for around $100 and be the envy of your neighbors. If not, it’s best to leave something like this to the professionals.

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Via: Neatorama