Fiorella: The Mini-Yacht to Floss Your Style, Compactly

Move over, Strand Craft 122, there’s a new way for the ridiculously wealthy to travel in style.

Hyun-Seok Kim’s Fiorella is a new conceptual design based off of the shape and delicacy of the lotus flower. While most of the Yacht & Design cruisers are developed around customer concepts and fabricated into a working replicas, this vessel is purely the work of Hyun-Seok Kim’s imagination and years of experience as a mechanical engineer and transport designer.

The Fiorella’s egg-shaped silhouette allows for those aboard to choose between picnicking on top of the water and experiencing the panoramic view from below. The boat has a dining table, a convertible bed, and a steering wheel that is reminiscent of Disneyland’s Teacup ride. The petals act as a stabilizer when depressed; when the 15 petals are lowered, the Fiorella is less susceptible to being knocked around by choppy waters.

The Fiorella mini yacht is perfect for those who are not satisfied with owning the same run-of-the-mill leisure items as every other member of their country club. While it is still in the design phase, this dinghy will soon be making its way to waters near you.