Hoverboard Project by Nils Guadagnin is Really Really Cool

You like skating around on your favorite ultra customized board, but what about floating around 5 inches above earth on a hoverboard? Amazing it would be, but you will be surprised to know that a real hoverboard actually exists, but in a very unmarketable-unusable form and looks pretty much like the one you saw in the movie, Back from the Future II.

So, lets take a ride of the project worked upon by Nils Guadagnin, a french young artist. You would wonder how come such a gravity defying thing came into existence without the use of any firepower. Well, Nils installed a electromagnetic system which is keeping the board above the desk at a pre-configured distance. Next thing to handle was stabilizing the board in the air and Nils made that too possible with some superb engineering by utilizing the laser system, whose sole work is to grant stability to the board.

Pink HoverBoard

Magnets used in HoverBoard

It is simply wonderful what one man was able to do and it would be amazing if one of the big IT or electronic company, either alone or jointly with others decide to ramp up the R&D expenditure in this sector. Who knows, you might be gifting your child or younger siblings, an electronic hoverboard from Sony which is directly recording all the fun (while on a ride) in 1080p video format and uploading it to a facebook account directly or with little tune-up from the user using an Android platform. Now that even beats the Google TV, huh… bad joke!

Cool HoverBoard

Flying HoverBoard

Although one cannot stand on this hoverboard as of now, but expecting such a possibility in the future is not at all foolish. If a young artist can stabilize it in the air so neatly, than those tens of billions of dollar worth companies can shake the things a little up for sure.

And if you thought it is some kind of effect work or an adobe photoshop skill presentation, watch the video and see him moving a scale through the gap between the board and table, plus the effects of the push near the end of the video.

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Via Fubiz