Miniature Arcade Gaming Table Goes Retro Without the Size

When we think of picking up an arcade game for ourselves, one of the biggest obstacles faces is trying to find a place for that big fat retro arcade gaming machine. Thankfully, someone has solved that problem with this miniature arcade gaming table that packs a lot of gaming into a little space. The video listed below gives us an idea of how it was put together, although it’s a bit long at 15 minutes. If you don’t mind a little awkward conversation it’s worth checking out.

Now if you’re looking for build specs or a how-to guide, you’ll be a bit dissapointed, as they aren’t available currently. Not to worry though, if you like what you see you would have had the option of purchasing this impressive piece of machinery on e-bay (I checked the link as I wrote this and it appears the listing has been removed).

This retro gaming piece is actually powered by an Asus EE Netbook,and lit up by an LED light. There’s also the board that connects to the joystiq, and actually fools the netbook into thinking that joystiq controls are the keyboard. The exterior appears to be put together by authentic arcade pieces, so the illusion is still well presented. The quarter slot you see there is just for show. Once the netbook powers up, it immediately boots up games of your choice, including Galaga, Ms. Pac Man, and a number of others. Since it’s a fully functional netbook, you also have the option of uploading additional games to it or just surfing the web (if you can finagle getting the keyboard and mouse attached, that didn’t look too easy). While we’ve certainly seen similar machines featured here on Walyou like this Pac Man and Galaga Console that was also shrunk down to size or this Tetris Piggy Bank, this is a pleasantly new format.

An arcade game that you can easily load up with every old game you could possibly think of? Sign me up! Well I guess you can’t since it already sold, so I’ll just have to wait until the next one is built, assuming it isn’t out of my price range (hint: it is).

Via: HacknMod