How Children Think the World Works

Pierrette Diaz did what everyone does when life isn’t going so well, aka realizing adulthood sucks – reminisce on days of innocence and lack of responsibility, childhood, only using artistic talent to give us the world of children, and how they seem to think things work before growing up and understanding there’s no magic behind anything.

How Magic Works

The sawing in half trick – Being the child-like adult that I am, I still prefer not to know what’s happening behind the magic and the “magicians.”

What Shampoo Does to our Hair

Must be one hell of a shampoo if it makes the kid feel like that, or maybe his mom put something extra special in his cookies.

The Danger of crossing the street

I don’t remember feeling that afraid while crossing the street, but knowing the statistics of deaths on the road, maybe eaten alive by crocodiles isn’t such a bad prospect.

Inside the Stomach of a Pregnant Woman

I still haven’t fathered a child, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what goes on inside the body of a pregnant woman. A child would never want to leave.

How the oven Works

If you don’t pay your electric bill, the dragons seem to stop working.