Reduce The Memory Usage In Chrome With OneTab

Chrome might be a dream come true and a blessing when it comes to browsing the Internet, but once you get several tabs going, it can get quite taxing for your computer. Luckily, that’s just not a problem anymore, and the fix doesn’t come from the hardware side of things, but just from a neat little app called OneTab.


The idea between OneTab is simple, so simple it took a genius to come up with it: if you happen to find yourself with way too many tabs open on your current session, click the OneTab icon and all of them will be converted into a list in one individual window, on which you can restore them individually or all at once, depending on your needs. This is not just for the sake of organization: this process can reduce the memory usage up to 95%, because God knows Chrome can turn into a behemoth.

The app is completely free to use and download from their official website, and is easy to install and uninstall as any other extension without spyware. If you’re a frequent user of Chrome, you absolutely own OneTab a try, for it might change your browsing experience forever.

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