Thanks to HTML 5, Games Are Finally Available for Apple TV

Apple TV users can finally enjoy playing games on these devices, but not thanks to the App Store. The games are actually available via HTML5.

There were many rumors at the begging of this year about the possibility of playing games on Apple TV, but nothing materialized till now. Before this moment, Apple TV owners had real reasons to envy the users of other set-top boxes, who could actually play games on their devices, but all this is over now. The website is seen in many YouTube videos (such as the one below) that confirm the new capability of the device.

Bear in mind that not only Blackjack is available via HTML5, but many other games, too. Unfortunately, Angry Birds, the hit game developed by Rovio Mobile, is not supported by Apple TV. Considering how popular this game really is, this certainly comes as a disappointment for many people who enjoy it, but there is still hope. Maybe the iOS will be able in the future to run such games, too.

As seen in the below video, all that users have to do to play Blackjack on Apple TV is to enter the URL of the aforementioned website in Couch Surfer Pro, the browser that was specifically designed for this device. Apparently it is much easier to enter the Web address if you use an application such as Rowmote Pro, an iOS app that is available for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Otherwise, you have no other options than using the remote for the device to enter the address. After that, you can enjoy countless hours of Blackjack on your Apple TV, or you can search for other games. Rest assured, people who found out about this capability of Apple TV will surely make comprehensive lists of games that are supported.

Hopefully in the future games will also be available in the App Store. This is in fact the ideal solution, since Apple TV users would not have to hunt for games all over the Web anymore.

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