The Exit: Dream Purchases of Startup Founders

The finer things in life are luxuries and for true luxuries, an exorbitant amount of cash is required. We’ve asked three start-up founders what their dreams are for post-financial success of their companies (and we’ve included some of our community’s favorite things, too).

Dream Purchases of Just About Anyone

Exotic Cars

Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bentley … do these names sound familiar? If you’re a sports car fiend, these luxury rides should be no stranger to you, at least not by name. For the right price, they can be yours. Ah, livin’ the dream. Well, dreamin’ of livin’ it for now.

Fancy Yachts

Build your own private yacht or charter one. Live like Onassis on a dream boat (and even turn it into your own personal love boat) with all of the fabulous features. Places like Black Diamond will help you charter or build a yacht.

Private Planes

Fly high in the sky, so high that you’ll have no problem joining the mile-high club (or the 6.5 mile-high club, really) on your own private plane. Keep in mind that you’ll have to hire a pilot at about $150k and a couple of flight attendants, unless you decide to go John Travolta and get your pilot’s license. Just be sure not to pull a JFK Jr.

Your Own Island

Ever dream of dominating an entire land? Or perhaps something more simple, like escaping to an exotic island to just have the place to yourself (and anyone else you actually want to bring along)? Yes, it is actually possible to buy your own island … even outright. For more info, check out this cool guide to buying your own private island.

What are some of your dream purchases?

Real Startup Founders and Their Dreams

I spoke with three founders of some promising start-ups to ask them about their dreams they’d like to accomplish once they have succeeded with their companies. Here’s their responses*:

Nir Gaist of Nyotron

The first thing I’m dreaming of is to open an ‘unlimited funds’ bank account for my parents. That way, they can do everything they want … realize all of their dreams while they still can.

Secondly, I’m planning on building a ‘5-star hotel’ for dogs, almost like a resort. [Editor’s note: Nir was kind enough to mention that he’ll consider letting in cats for me, at least mine.]

The last thing I want to do is to execute all of my ‘repressed’ ideas that I currently don’t have the time necessary for.

Of course, all of this depends on the size of the ‘Exit’ or IPO, but the first dream would have to be realized no matter what!

Sharel Omer of

The goal of all founders of is to build meaningful, personal relationships via social media … our passion is definitely relationships.

Upon success, I would like to leverage this and travel all around the world … meeting the people I have engaged with globally, get a chance to know them and their environment better. This would have to include places like Thailand, Russia, Spain, Canada, the Philippines and more!

Travelling around the globe is my ultimate dream.

Tomer Tagrin of Yotpo

Truth be told, I haven’t yet thought that far ahead.

However, I think I’d like to be the coolest ‘dog-house’ out there. I’d bring Cesar Milan to train them and fill it up with the coolest equipment and games for the 20-25 dogs that would live there.

*The founders’ responses have been paraphrased, but still maintain the essence of their comments.

Now, I must admit, this was an eye-opener. Three young men with such ambition have little to no wanting for physical¬†possessions? Perhaps, however, this it what it takes to succeed: A good, honest, positive-thinking head on one’s shoulders and a goal for the bettering the lives of their respective communities. Nonetheless, those luxury items still look mighty tempting …