HTTP/2 and the Internet that is to come

The internet is getting a code upgrade at the most basic level for the first time in over 15 years with HTTP/2. Read on if you want to know what this means.


The basic code of the internet, the HTTP standard which details how the whole web functions has just gotten a new upgrade, dubbed HTTP/2. What this means is a faster, more responsive web with better connections, and more content in each page.

HTTP/2 is an upgrade to the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, which regulates how websites and your browser interact. The original standard dates from the late 1980s, and had a substantial upgrade in 1999 as HTTP/1.1. some 15 years later, the code is getting a new, substantial upgrade that addresses issues like connectivity, and speed.

HTTP2 data transfer

With HTTP/2 it is expected we will be able to eliminate redundancy, and cut down on extra data that our browsers have to receive twice because connections fail, overcompensate, or simply act up. The new standard offers many options to decrease latency which would in turn improve page load speed. And while this is the one thing that will make the most difference for the users, there are other changes you can read about on the working group’s Github page. In the end it turns the web can always get better.

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