Russian Scientist Reveals Human Immortality Project

One can’t deny but admit that we all somewhere in our dark and murky minds, wish to live forever. However, living forever poses metaphysical, existential and scientific questions that nobody has been able to answer until now.

Russian scientists including a 31 year old mogul called Dmitry Itskov have set 2045 as the deadline to make it possible for us all to live for an eternity. It sounds really absurd but the scientist claims that his team can pull together fully functional holographic human avatars that can house artificial brains. These artificial brains would contain a person’s complete consciousness. The journey to achieving this immortal solution is quite creepy as well.

The first step, dubbed Avatar A is expected to achieve creating a robotic copy of a human body that can remotely be controlled by BCI. This is expected to be achieved between 215 and 2020. In the succeeding 5 years, the team expects to transplant human brains into these robots once the person passes away. Avatar C or the 3rd step is to be able to create an artificial brain to which a human personality can be transferred. The final step is to create a hologram-like avatar that would allow scientists to not even require the gory transplantation of a human brain filled with blood, fluids and all that biological mess.

The final hologram-like humanoid would simply be able to receive human personality with the help of advanced robotics. For now, I would like to think all this science fiction with a dash of grandiosity. The venture reminds me of Meryl Streep starring Death Becomes Her, in which Goldie Hawn and Streep drink a potion to become immortal. The consequences are not what they intended them to be.

The Russian team will have a lot of people to convince about their plan to bring human immortality with the help of robotics. Would you want to live forever as a robot sans flesh and blood? Do let us know in the comments section below. Meanwhile, you could take a look at the Accurate Clock, which is a Memento Mori that reminds you that you will eventually die.