Golden Legend of Zelda NES Cartridges Store External Hard Drives

It is not always that one runs into an NES cartridge that is covered in golden hues. You can buy these golden-finished Legend of Zelda NES cartridges that have been converted into retro external hard drive enclosures.

While you may actually not play on the NES anymore and the NES cartridges may not be of any functional value anymore, you might want to use them to remember all those moments from childhood and adolescence that you still cherish. The coolest feature of these rehashed cartridges is that they can hold your external hard drive and thus serve some purpose and not just be pretty in the corner.

At $139, they can be great gifts to video game junkies who always are looking for something new to add to their arsenal of collectibles and accessories. $139 fetches you a 250 GB drive but for every $20, you will get 250 GB extra.

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