iFetch lets your dog play fetch whether or not you’re around

If you’ve ever been too tired to play fetch with your dog, worry no longer! The iFetch aims to keep your dog entertained, without killing you in the process.


Kickstarter has seen a lot of hit and miss projects come along over the years, but this time around, a family from Texas has come up with what might just the cutest and most brilliant twist on the old game of fetch. The Hamill family own two very active poodles, one of which is simply constantly looking to play fetch with someone. This idea sparked the idea for the iFetch, which is now being generously backed on Kickstarter. Currently sitting at over $80,000 (400% the initial amount necessary), this may just be one step in the right direction of keeping our canine companions happy, when real life calls us to do some less-than-pleasant duties. One thing to note is that the iFetch is designed for small to medium dogs only, though it remains to be seen if a giant Siberian husky version will come out of the wood works in the future. You can find a video of the creator and his adorable dog right here:

The only necessary step is to teach your dog to bring the ball back to the device, not directly to you. While this may seem like a bit of a far fetch (pun intended), it’s really not all that hard, and before you know it, you’ll have an entertained dog, and less worry about the destruction of your living room during your grocery day.

While this may seem like it encourages neglecting the attention you need to give to your best buddy, we’ve all had to go through some times where life just needed to tear us away from our four legged ally. If this sounds right up your alley, keep in mind that a $50 donation via the Kickstarter will net you a unit as soon as it launches, so go nuts!

Source: Dvice

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