Lernstift Smart Pen Improves Handwriting, Fixes Spelling Errors

In case you don’t already have someone in your life to correct every word that you write, the Lernstift digital pen might be the perfect solution for you.

Lernstift (which stands for learning pen in German) is a writing utensil that intends to make spelling errors a thing of the past. While some might think it’s similar to a stylus and thus, intended for tablet use, Lernstift was actually created for writing on paper. That and in the air. Yeap, you got that right! This smart pen is able to recognize the words you’re writing in midair and if it’s unhappy with your spelling, it will vibrate so you become aware of that.

One might think that such smart pens are intended for kids who have just learned to write and are prone to making mistakes. Well, guess what? I know plenty of grown-ups who don’t know how to spell correctly, neither in English, nor Romanian, which is my mother tongue. The problem with this smart pen is that, since it comes from Germany, it will at most support German and English. It’s a shame that

In an interview for ABC News, Daniel Kaesmacher stated: “The pen will have two functions – calligraphy and orthography mode. When it comes to orthography mode — the pen will be able to recognize words and compare the word it recognized to a language database. If the word isn’t recognized it will vibrate.”

The smart pen is currently featured on Kickstarter, where it raised a bit over 12% of the 120,000 GBP (approximately $181,000) goal. The early birds will be able to get Lernstift for 89 GBP ($135), while the others will get it for 99 GBP ($150). The retail price is said to be more than that, but the product first needs to reach the goal before even considering that.

All in all, the smart pen might be a good thing for kids whose parents can’t spend too much time with them. Other than that, I think it’s too expensive for what it offers, unless you want to use it for learning English. If, on the other hand, English is your mother tongue but you still find it challenging, than you should spend a few days trying to learn how spell properly instead of spending that kind of money on a device with such a simple function. Improving your calligraphy might be a bit more difficult, but it certainly is not impossible.

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