iFrogz Announces Audio and Power Ranges for Serious Audiophiles

With all the banter about social media, and all the ‘noise’ that you are subjected to on your Twitter timeline, all that you could wish for is a couple of hours of undisturbed time spent listening to great quality audio.

While there are a million gadgets and accessories which help you do so, iFrogz helps you do it in style. iFrogz EarPollution, which was announced at the CES 2009 has been targeted at a youthful and urban demographic. The company has announced their first line of power products which include iFrogz Audio and iFrogz Power. The new ranges are directed towards power users who consistently listen to music, and also have more moolah to spend.

The iFrogz Audio line is the most advanced and includes in-line microphones, ear buds and on-the-ear headphones. iFrogz Power line is targeted at power users who might want a complete range of audio accessories. It allows advanced users to utilize 2 pairs of headphones on one device, sync and charge at the same time and also connect to external audio systems. iFrogz Audio line costs between $19.99 and $79.99. The iFrogz Power products are priced between $8.99 and $19.99. All iFrogz products are stylish, brightly coloured and aim at creating an audio space that would cut you off from the noise outside.

Perhaps purchasing these earphones and audio gear would again inspire you to get off Twitter or Facebook, and tune in to one of the many hundreds of Internet radio stations, or listen to your own music library. You could head straight towards their website to learn more about these power products that would help you to listen to music in the most technologically sophisticated way at present. You might also want to read about iFrogz DJ Headphones, about which we had written sometime back. Or go ahead and read about some of the coolest and meanest Kickass Headphones ever, literally.