25 Amazing Plants vs Zombies Cakes

Plants Vs. Zombies is having a street fight with Angry Birds for the title of “most time wasted on this awesome application.”  Thus, it’s only natural that people would express their love for the plants that fend off these brain-eating fiends by baking cakes!  That’s how I show love to my girlfriends – bake cakes in the shapes their faces.  Yes, those plurals were intentional.  Now that we’ve experienced an awkward moment of silence, we move on to our 25 amazing Plants Versus Zombies cakes.

The Classic Zombie Decapitation

plants vs. zombies cake

Why did the zombie cross the road?  He didn’t – he was decapitated by a pea shooter!  Ha – that joke was almost as funny as the look on that exploding chili pepper’s face, shown at the bottom left corner of the cake.  This cool Plants Vs. Zombies cake was created by M5 Cake and surely made the 9 year old boy it was given to cry with happiness.

The Zombie Is Wearing A Party Hat

plants vs. zombies cake

This Plants Vs. Zombies cake, baked by a person who titled their website Muffins Are Ugly Cupcakes, stars a zombie that has had its cone hat replaced with a more cheery piece of apparel.  The child it was given to was told that he was the zombie, which is terrible, since everybody knows that the zombies always die.  Vegetation FTW!

Where Did The Second Head Come From?

plants vs. zombie cake

Paging all zombies within a fifty foot radius: it seems that somebody has left their head in garden number 12.  I repeat, we have an unclaimed head in garden number 12.  Aside from the fact that there are unattended body parts, which will be confiscated and destroyed, present on this cake put together by Lori Morton, it’s awesome.  And probably delicious.

Chinese Plants Vs. Zombies Cakes

plants-vs-zombies cake

This is by far the most impressive Plants Vs. Zombies cake that I have seen, ever.  The cake was spotted in a Chinese bakery, but there’s no word on who created this sweet Zombie themed cake.  Perhaps it was a robot?  Perhaps it was the most boss cake baker that the world has ever seen?  Perhaps it was me?  Nah, I couldn’t even bake sugar cookies without burning something down.

Plants Vs. Zombie Cake With Funny Tombstones

plants vs. zombies cake

Ted Brockwood made a baller Plants Vs. Zombies cake for his son’s birthday, and even took some time to think of funny sayings that he could put on the tombstones.  “Just resting” induced a giggling fit, and learning that all of these zombies and pea shooters were made of chocolate induced a stomach growling fit.

I See That The Cake Has Been Ravaged By Wild Beasts

plants vs. zombies cake

Even after the kids at the birthday party tore into it, this Plants Vs. Zombies cake is a real winner.  Baked by Badgermama’s friend, Liz.

Plants Vs. Zombies Double Whammy

plants vs. zombies cake

What’s better than a Plants Vs. Zombies cake?  A Plants Vs. Zombies cake and some cupcakes.  Deliciously amazing double whammy that sets gamers’ hearts a-poundin’.

You’re Never Too Old For Plants Vs. Zombies

plants vs. zombies cake

31 years old is not to old to love Plants Vs. Zombies.  I’ve seen old grammas killing zombies galore!  Also, take note of the white glove on the Michael Jackson zombie and the perfectness of the potato mine.  Not as complex as some P vs. Z cakes I’ve seen, but still a great birthday surprise for sure.

A Different Take On Plants Vs. Zombies Cakes

plants vs. zombies cake

Surely this original take on the idea of a Plants Vs. Zombies cake has your head spinning!  It’s funny because the cake is a giant zombie head.  Somebody shut those crickets up!

There’s No Escape: I Have A Picket Fence

plants vs. zombies cake

I think we’ve found the owner of that decapitated head that turned up in an earlier Plants Vs. Zombies cake.  The highlight of this delicious piece of work is definitely the Mario-like zombie-eating plant.

Plants Vs. Zombies Cake Pops

plants vs. zombies cake pops

I’ve never heard of cake pops before, but they seem awesome.  Especially if they’re P v Z themed.  The sunflower is relatively lame, but the zombie face was executed beautifully!  I would take that out to dinner any day.

Plants Vs. Zombies Cake For Pabu

plants vs. zombies cake

I first need to point out that Pabu is the coolest name I have ever seen, assuming that we don’t count Chewbacca and Bender.  Second, take note of the look of surprise on the zombie’s face.  Buying a Plants Vs. Zombies cake, $30.  Scaring a zombie to death (or just hitting it with a shovel), priceless.

Simple Is Perfect, Ignorance Is Bliss

plants vs zombies cake

Some may say that this cake is too plain, but I think it will taste better than many of the other cakes featured in this Plants Vs. Zombies bonanza.  Is anyone else salivating?

Double Stacked Plants Vs. Zombies Cake

plants vs. zombies cake

Jerome should feel special – the person who baked this Plants Vs. Zombies cake did a double stack.  BAM!  BAM!  Two cakes is always better than one right?

A Special Note From The Zombies

plants vs. zombies cake

The Walnuts may look like under-done chicken nuggets, but the special note regarding the age of this man’s brains makes up for it all.

Plants and Zombies Unite To Celebrate

plants vs. zombies cake

I don’t believe that anyone else has been cool enough to include a cactus in their Plants Vs. Zombies cake thus far… points for originality!

Plants Vs. Zombies 2D Cake

plants vs. zombies cake

Despite the fact that this cake lacks “dimension,” it ranks among my favorites for artistic skill and originality.  I couldn’t draw that scene with colored pencils, let alone on a Plants Vs. Zombies cake with frosting.

Plant Cakes Have Never Been So Delicious

plants vs. zombies cake

Looks like a scrumptious P V Z cake to me.  The buck-toothed star is a classic.

Is That A Giant Taco?

plants vs. zombies taco cake

This cake is nothing short of awesome.  What could be better than a huge taco in the middle of a Plants Vs. Zombies cake?  Nothing.  Ever.

Plants Vs. Zombies Cakes At Their Best

plants vs. zombies cake

This cake is amazingly detailed and professional… Bohemia Cakes is definitely a boss, no doubt about it.

 Is That A Vegetable?!

plants vs. zombies cake

This Plants Vs. Zombies cake has too much broccoli for my taste, but I have to admit that the artwork is impressive.

But I Wanted To Eat The Zombies…

plants vs. zombies cake

There’s a reason that the zombies and plants look startlingly realistic – they aren’t edible.  Undoubtedly, some small children will eat the clay figurines on this cool cake and enjoy them.  Undoubtedly, I will too.

Giant Pea Shooter Cake

plants vs. zombies cake

I’d like to see the size of the zombies that this pea shooter can bring down.  We might even get some PEW PEW sound effects going on with this Plants Vs. Zombies cake.

They’re Coming Out of The Ground!

plants vs. zombies cake

Be afraid: this cake has shown us the true power of zombies.  Since when can they tunnel underground?  “Since zombies existed.”  Well, it was news to me.

Those Are Some Huge Plants and Zombies

plants vs. zombies cake

Despite the fact that this Plants Vs. Zombies cake has some major scaling issues, i.e. the zombies are as tall as the house, I appreciate the effort put into this awesome baked treat.

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