Bring On The New Year Heat With The Grilltendo

2011 hasn’t exactly started off with warm and favorable weather, but don’t let Mother Nature bring you down. Pep up and kick out the frigid cold with the sizzling smoky air from your grill. Is that depression still kicking in because your grill looks bland and lacking any bold? Many nonexistent scientific studies say that 90% of all boring grills lead to an uneventful and depressing new year. Don’t fret though, dear reader! There is a way to make it through this and it is as simple as decorating your grill like a Super Mario Bros mushroom. What a wonderful solution considering I hear red and white are the “in” colors this year. It’s time to get crafty and inventive!

That’s just what Craftster forums user Greg.Matta did. What started as any other summer day ended up as a new project that would change the face of grills forever. Troubled that his carnivorous ways would clash with his vegan roommates, they came to the conclusion that buying two grills would be the best way to enjoy their own grilling. Unfortunately, without thinking ahead they purchased the same identical grills. How were they to tell the two apart?

Simple! The brilliant mind locked away in Greg Matta’s head went to work on creating a Super Mario Mushroom grill. All he needed was high heat spray paint and some painter’s tape. A couple of coats of red and white later and the world had been blessed with the creation of the Super Mario Mushroom grill.

Not only was this project a crafty answer to a daunting problem, but it took grills to a new land of experiences. It wasn’t just that grilling was saved that summer, nor was it that grilling was feasibly saved forever, but grilling was just taken to a whole other level. Hats off to you, Greg.Matta. The world will never be the same again.

Fun and easy projects like this can help jump start the new year with nice decorative twists that are definitely nice to show off. If you’re interested in more homemade mods and DIY projects why not check out the modified Bender Keg and Ultramarines Bolt Pistol.