Steampunk Gundam Explores Themes of Weaponry and Technology

Science fiction and Anime are closely related, and the best example one could provide with is by mentioning Gundam Series.

There is no better way to describe the relationship between science and technology, robots, and human life than through Steampunk movement.

Kreatworks has created an awesome Steampunk Gundam sculpture using recycled machine and auto parts, and recycled metal. While we can talk about the Steampunk bit of it a little later, let us understand the significance of Gandam in today’s world. These mecha dominated giant robots have been featured in several Gundam movies, manga and video games. In fact, people say that it was the Mobile Suit Gundam that helped to pioneer the real robot era in the realm of mecha anime.

Gundam is frequently discussed in terms of robots and their relationship with modern human society, and how science & technology can affect science fiction and vice versa. This symbiotic relationship between the two is even discussed in terms of their relationship with real human world. Steampunk art has always stressed on the fact that one cannot remove science and technology from a cultural realm, and vice versa.

Thus, when we have a Gundam in a Steampunk theme, it could easily be interpreted that Gundam Series have left an indelible mark on not just Japanese culture, but also among the larger Anime and science fiction fans internationally. The Steampunk Gundam seems to elicit opinions about how robotic technology, which was once seen as exotic, has become commonplace in our lives, and how weaponry and warring are parts of our lives too.

Of course, weaponry and warring is central to the themes of Gundam, and in today’s world, weaponry certainly is one of the major issues. That is exactly what Steampunk art strives to do. Explain science, technology, human nature, history and culture through art. The Steampunk Gundam costs $1,800.