Facebook’s “Awesome” New Feature Is Video Chat

Just a few days ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that next week, his social networking site would be unveiling an awesome new feature.  Some wondered just how awesome this would truly be and how much was simply a way to take the focus off of Google’s new social component of their own.

Well, thanks to handy dandy leaks from the company, we can now safely say that the new feature will indeed be pretty awesome when it finally goes live.  “Enough with the leadup!” you’re saying, “what is this new awesome feature!”  It appears that Facebook will soon be adding video chat that will incorporate tech that was earned thanks to a partnership with Skype.

Of course, while this particular announcement will almost certainly mean a very good week for Facebook, we shouldn’t ignore the kind of success Skype has been having the last couple of weeks.  First there was their purchase by Microsoft, then just yesterday they made it known that they would finally be bringing video chat to at least some Android phones.  The biggest VOIP company in the world seems to be having one heck of a run of good news.

Of course, like I said, Facebook is also having a nice little run itself.  Despite the launch of Google’s shot across its bow Zuckerberg’s creation probably hasn’t even been more successful.  The company continues to be the apple of techies’ eyes thanks to the different little advances and products it keeps running out there.  Earlier in the week, HTC announced that their long awaited Facebook Phone would finally be coming to market in the next couple of months as well, making it one more checkmark in the win column for Facebook in general.

Of course, because this is a leak and not an official announcement, there are still several details still unknown such as when exactly this new video chat will actually go live.  Still, while it has always been nice to have the ability to quickly and easily chat with your Facebook friends, the app has left a bit to be desired.  Adding video most likely means a much nicer, smoother and funner to use on-site chat application.