InfiniteUSB Makes USB Cable Stacking a Reality

What’s the right number of USB connectors for you? Regardless of how many USB gadgets you need to charge or how many flash drives you need to transfer data from, with InfiniteUSB, you always use only one USB port on your laptop or desktop PC.

What if a single port was enough for charging and transferring data from multiple devices? In this context, Apple definitely looks like a visionary company, with its single USB Type-C port-equipped Macbook. However, InfiniteUSB is confident that this could be achieved in a much simpler way, without having to spend a fortune on hubs and adapters.

One of the cable’s ends looks perfectly normal, having a microUSB, female USB or Lightning connector. Obviously, it’s the other end that makes this little gadget extraordinary. That double-connector plugs into USB ports at a right angle and enables users to plug another InfiniteUSB cable into it and so on, until there are plenty for all their charging or data transfer needs.

Speaking of charging, this might turn out problematic when using multiple InfiniteUSB cables for this purpose, as in the end, they are all charging from a single USB 2.0 port. On the upside, the bulkier end is magnetic and allows users to stick the connectors together, fold the cable and tuck everything away. This particular feature is not something entirely original, as some microUSB cables have had this design for a couple of years, now.

InfiniteUSB is currently featured on Kickstarter, where backers can pledge $12 or more before April 22 to get one magnetic cable in June. The funding goal of $10,000 has long been exceeded, even though the crowdfunding campaign has just started, and now the pledged sum rests at around $45K.

While the concept is interesting, I’m pretty sure that InfiniteUSB will share the same fate as pressy, the $27 3.5mm dust-plug/shortcut button for Android smartphones that got $0.79 clones in no time. In other words, Chinese manufacturers might catch wind of this design and turn into something of their own. To be honest, InfiniteUSB seems a bit over-priced, so cheaper versions may be out, soon.

Price aside, it’s great to see that there’s still room for innovation in this field, and while the implementation may not be the best, the developers for InfiniteUSB are definitely worth a bit of praise.

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