UFO Robot Grendizer USB Stick and Spacer Docking Station

This robot might not be popular in most parts of the world, but it was big in Japan (if you like Alphaville’s version more, there you go) in the ’70s, so a tribute in form of an USB flash drive might actually make sense.

UFO Robot Grendizer is nowhere as popular as the Transformers or Voltron, but that doesn’t mean that Japenese geeks shouldn’t have their own symbols turned into usable technology. It seems to be a trend lately to make USB flash drives in the shape of superheroes, so why not have a memory drive in the form of a manga robot? After all, who’d be better at protecting your precious files than the robotic embodiment of the Fleedian God of War?

The main hero of the retro super robot manga and TV anime series by Go Nagai, a Japanese manga artist, is now available in a way smaller size than the original was supposed to be. On top of that, it’s made out of plastic, whereas the original was made of metal. That shouldn’t be a problem as long as the new form this god took fits on a desk, right?

The UFO Robot’s body splits up in two to reveal the USB connector. When not in use, this small action figure can be placed in various positions, as it features articulated limbs. The Spacer was a flying saucer that enabled UFO Robot Grendizer to fly, so the addition of this gadget to the set will certainly impress some old manga fans.

As per usual, USB flash drives that come in a cool shape are either very slow or feature a very small capacity. In this case, it’s the second option, but the first one shouldn’t be totally excluded, since I haven’t tested the drive. More precisely, the UFO Robot Grendizer USB flash drives comes with 4GB. My Dropbox has more than 3 times that capacity, so I wouldn’t buy this except if I was a fan of the manga series. Sure, the details are nice, and the design might be cool, but it’s performance that most people want nowadays, and this particular USB flash drive fails to deliver that.

The ones interested in buying the UFO Robot Grendizer USB flash drive with Spacer docking station should head over to ThinkGeek, where this combo is available for $44.99.

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