Ultra Popular Infinity Blade Gets Another Update

One of the best iPad and iPhone games in the known universe is getting even better. Since arriving on the scene, Infinity Blade has been lauded for its graphics and game play and the game play is getting an upgrade this week.

While Angry Birds has become so popular on the iPad and iPhone that there are spin-off products that aren’t even video games, Infinity Blade is still making a name for itself thanks in large part to the visuals the game gives you. Now Infinity Blade is bringing yet another new update to the game that will pair the top notch visuals with a top notch immersive game play.

If there is one drawback to Infinity Blade it is that the actual adventure is fairly short and rather repetitive if you play if for more than 10 minutes at a time. An update titled “Enter the Arena” will actually allow you use Game center to take on other players in a sort of death match contest as either the hero of the game or one of the evil titans he fights give the game an added component.

Of course, for those players who only want to take on the evil enemies by themselves there is an update for them as well. There is also a new “survivor mode” which will be less of a quest and more just a way to see how many titans you can take on before you are finally killed. There is also new content that you can equip your hero with. Holiday helms will be available so that you can represent every holiday with a different helmet as well as new magic rings, shields and weapons are all going to be made available as well.

While the Arena update will be the one that gets the most attention, the other aspects of the newest upgrade (expected this week) will get plenty of plaudits as well. If you pair this game with something like the JOYSTICK-IT, which attaches to the screen of your iPad with no harm done, you can be slicing and dicing your opponent for hours on end.

Via: Chair