Innovative Engineering at its Best – GE Wattstation

Renewable energy, like electrical energy, is fast becoming the choice of nations around the world. This is mainly because it’s cost effective and, more importantly, environmentally friendly. With an increase in the demand for electrical energy to charge and run vehicles, the demand for electric charging stations has also gone up. GE has on taken the task to give people something which, not only takes care of charging their vehicles, but also gives innovation a whole new meaning.

Collaboration between GE Ecomagination and Fuseproject has resulted in what they proudly call the GE Wattstation. Solving the problem of charging electrical vehicles, the GE Wattstation is one invention which is a perfect blend of exceptional brilliance and clever design. Its usage is for both private and public places and, because of its compact design, the space it occupies is also much less. This makes it a very practical device for smaller areas.

The Wattstation design can be best described as something very similar to an over-sized flash-light. And because of its tall and slender architecture, it has an edge over the more space-occupying traditional gas stations. GE Wattstation has a long, slender body with a circular disk at the top, which is the user’s interface. The LED ring on the interface lets the user know whether the station is available (White), fully charged (Green), charging (Red) or out of order (Yellow). It can communicate wirelessly with mobile devices, which can enable the user to locate, operate and also monitor the unit. Equipped with GE’s Smart Grid technology, the station makes it possible to charge a vehicle in four to eight hours rather than the standard time which is somewhere around 12 to 18 hours. Designed to withstand even the most merciless weather conditions, the unit is comes with a built-in heater to defrost the ice and snow during harsh winters. The GE Wattstation is also the first charging station to have a self-retractable cable, thus helping to create

clutter free and beautiful surroundings. Now, what more could you wish for?

Unlike its boring counterparts, the GE Wattstation comes in an array of beautiful colors that can brighten any street in which  they are placed. With streets becoming crowded and cluttered, a space-saving and colorful device will be more than a welcomed change. Soon to be planted all over the US, Europe and Asia, the GE Wattstation is an example of genius and adroit engineering which is sure to bring about a wave of renewable and environmentally friendly energy across the world. That and style, too!

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Via: Fuseproject