Handheld Classic Nintendo Anyone ?

If any of us who grew up in the 80’s Nintendo era would have had this gadget, we would’ve easily been the most popular kid in the whole school district .Even though this latest nifty gadget is made 20 years too late, that still doesn’t diminish it’s coolness, especially for those who lived and breathed  games like Super Mario Brothers. Imagine having a handheld device which plays all those vintage Nintendo games. It’s like a PSP, but for classic Nintendo games.

Lovable chevy, a geek girl gamer from the benheck forums, wanted to create a handheld gaming device which could play her favorite Nintendo games. The project,which took more than 100 hours to finish, involved using components of various old gaming systems to build an altogether new, and in may ways, much better one.

This frankenstein of a device uses the system, the controller and the case of a Retro duo in combination with the screen (modded with 6 additional LED’s) of a PSone. She also changed the color of the SNES( Super Nintendo Entertainment System) LED’s from red to pink and customized the decals for the front panel button labels. Apart from this, the slots for NES and SNES carts were made parallel to the device for ease of access and there are fresh speaker holes drilled in on both the right and left front sides. Nighttime gamers can also choose to use a pair of  headphones so they don’t keep everyone else up. Lastly, The brightness and the volume in games can be controlled via the buttons on the front panel. Sounds like the full package, but how does it run ?

The console runs off of two li-ion batteries and weighs a total of 2 lb. 9.6 ounces when both the NES and the SNES carts are inserted in to the slots. Though when both the slots, which are located at the back, are used it might make this portable a bit heft. However, the overall larger size will ensure a firm grip.

Although lovable chevy made this for her own personal use and does not plan to make any more of these, I am quite certain  if they were to hit the markets anyways, she would sell quite a few. They may not be PlayStation 3’s, but they are cool.

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