Interactive Football Game Using A Food Tray & Smartphone

Waiting for your food at this Brazilian restaurant is no longer a boring snooze-fest thanks to an interactive football game using a food tray and smartphone.

Giraffas football penalty shoot out image

Today people have tons of options for where to eat, and so it’s up to restaurants to come up with clever ways to attract folks. One such eatery in Brazil, Giraffas, has come up with a terrific idea that ties in with the country’s great love for the sport of football (soccer as we know it here in the states.)

Giraffas designed this neat, interactive football game where players can try to score penalty-kicks off a guarded football goal that works with only food tray and a smartphone. How it works is down-right smart: using the restaurant’s own loyalty app, it quickly turns your iPhone into a tiny goal with a virtual goalkeeper that can be placed at the end of a football-field looking food tray.

Your ammunition, of course, are little footballs made from paper-printed cut outs that Giraffas provides with every dining table (along with the food trays.) Simply just tear off the cut outs and roll to make footballs, and then aim and flick them at your smartphone net – the app, wielding your phone’s front camera, accelerometer, and microphone, will then force the A.I. goalie to defend his end of the field. It looks pretty rad in action!

From there, have fun passing turns with your friends and see how many goals you can score before your food arrives to the table. Loser buys a round of drinks sounds like a proper good wager to me! Uh, well, unless that one person in your party happens to be the legendary footballer, Pelé, then all bets are surely off.

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