Iomega Superhero iPhone Backup and Charger Dock [CES 2011]

Iomega might have launched the most convenient smartphone accessory yet seen at CES 2011 with its Superhero iPhone Backup and Charger Dock.

The Superhero lets you back up and sync all of your iPhone’s contacts and photos while simultaneously charging your device–all at one convenient iPhone docking station. This compact device sits easily on your counter or desktop and plugs into a wall outlet, and the syncing service is application driven. Just insert your phone at a convenient moment and it will automatically backup your contacts and camera roll photos.

When backing up your device becomes part of your daily routine, it’s important that syncing is a quick and simple process to maneuver. Iomega’s Superhero makes the backup process easy and extremely fast. First, download the free SuperHero iPhone Backup App from the Apple Store. Then dock your phone. The simple interface lets you select detailed options for what to backup and restore. Then just place your phone in the dock to recharge. Your contacts and photos will be backed up to the SD card at the same time. A progress bar lets you know when it’s ready to go.

If your iPhone is lost or stolen, you can easily restore your contacts and photos from the SD card (4GB capacity) included in the Iomega SuperHero and put them on your new iPhone. Plus, it charges & backs up contacts and photos from the latest generation of the iPod Touch as well, making it an incredibly useful tool for iPod Touch owners that utilize their device’s PDA functionality.

To be notified when the Iomega SuperHero Backup and Charger for iPhone is available, register here at Iomega’s ‘Notify Me’ page.

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via Iomega