iOS 5 Beta 4 Out Now, Finally Brings OTA Updates To The iPhone

One of the newest features in iOS 5 is the ability to download new updates over the air without having to tether your device to iTunes. Apple has just switched on the new feature in the latest beta of iOS 5.

OTA Updates Now Available

The update is available for all devices running iOS 5 beta 4. Users running the beta OS can select the update in or they will be notified via a badge on the App icon when their device can update. Up until this point users had to tether their devices to iTunes, download the update and often times reinstall the entire OS. These update files were massive but Apple was able to trim the fat significantly by only including updated code.

The update as a standalone .ipsw file is available at Apple’s developer center. What’s significant to note is the size differences between the OTA update and the .ipsw file – 133 MB and 824 MB respectively.

OTA Updates are nothing new. Google has used this system to update all Android devices but has been hindered by carriers and device makers determining when to push out a new Software build.

What Has Changed?

The newest beta of iOS 5 mainly brings bug fixes as the Software approaches gold master status. This update is important for developers who are testing their Apps and want them to be compatible for iOS 5 on launch day.

BGR has the complete change log of new features and bug fixes.